Commenting has been re-opened!

  • Commenting has been re-opened! Write your comment here!
  • Commenting works only new articles techn. reasons.
  • Comment start above under “LEAVE A COMMENT”
  • Name and e-mail address must be written, but it will not be published.
  • Comment may be easier to leave than e-mail.
  • Comments will go through the spam filter to me for review.
  • Here does not get any comment that is inappropriate, or are intended only to promote a foreign web pages.
  • Commenting closed down due to the previously foreign spam, which was only supposed to get one of your own, not a spiritual link.
  • The site is currently approx. 50 or 100 pages of evidence per day. Thank God!
  • I will never forget the comments: “I am a disabled man. I have come to faith in Jesus through your website.” Honor and thanks be to God!


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